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Crumple Zone Crash Test Car

This CO2-powered crash test car lets you design and iterate crumple zone bumpers in order to protect a passenger egg from injury. Use a CO2 car launcher from someone like Pitsco or Kelvin, wheels from a Lego Technic motorcycle (I got mine on eBay), and create a flat wall for the car to crash into (I put a board against paint cans). The car is guided by monofilament, and I put the wood wall at 50' from the launcher. At that distance, a 12 gram CO2 cartridge will shoot the car fast enough to break an egg without a well-designed crumple zone. Use a slo-motion camera app to capture and analyze the destruction. See "CO2-Powered Eggmobile" on YouTube for my 2 min. video. My students copied and tinkered "Bumper Posts" in Tinkercad. This way, the connection to the car is consistent and correct, but the crumple zone element is their own invention.

Pitsco launcher:
Kelvin launcher:

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