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Ultimaker2 Template for Simplify3d

Ultimaker 2 Template for Simplify3D

This is a remix of Mike Bogutsch's (fortwienix) Wanhao Template for S3D,
Many thanks for his permission to use his instructions as below.

(The template I have made is for Simplify3D but I have read somewhere that it also works with other slicers.)

At the moment the Template is for the Ultimaker2, UMO and UM3 may follow shortly

Simplify3D template Installation:

Copy the stl file (e.g. UltimakerPrintBed.stl) to the following folder:
C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ AppData \ Local \ Simplify3D \ S3D software
Start Simplify3D and export your FFF profile to the desktop (File-> Export FFF profile)
Open the profile with an editor e.g:Notepad and search for the following entries (about line 145 ish)....
.....change the upper value from 0 to 1 and in the second line enter the name of the template. like below

printerModelsOverride>TEMPLATE NAME.STL</printerModelsOverride
If overridePrinterModels already is set to 1, you do not need to change this.

Save the FFF profile and import it back to Simpify3D
Restart Simplify3D

If you think the template is not centered. Import the model to Simplify3D, change the position and Export the model (File->Export Models->Export Binary STL)

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