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Parametric Measuring Spoon

# Moved over from Takerbot's Thingiverse...

The volume of the bowl can be specified in ml.

Image shows a 2ml version (and some too cheap, green tee ;-).

The provided 5ml example equals a teaspoon, but I highly recommend to create your own with the included OpenSCAD source file.


Fire up OpenSCAD and load the source file.
Only six parameters need to be considered:

volume = 5.0; // volume of the spoon in ml
thickness = 1.4; // thickness of wall in mm

gripDia = 7.0; // diameter of the grip
gripLen = 80.0; // length of the grip
gripAngle = 30.0; // angle of the bowl-grip joint
sink = 0.4; // cut off the bottom a bit

Most of them should be self explanatory.
Pick a volume, a wall thickness and make the grip "look good" afterwards...

The "sink" parameter cuts off a bit of the spoon's bottom and makes it flat. This results in a better adhesion to the printing bed.

Small spoons (e.g. <5ml) may still require a raft.

For goods that need to be measured by weight and not volume, it might be helpful to print a quick size test.
If you set the following variable to "1"

MINITESTGRIP = 0; // print test grip? 0/1 (off/on)

the grip will be cut off and the resulting rest can be printed much quicker.

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