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Beyond UMO & UM2 Slideblocks by Gudo & Neotko - GT2 Open Belt

This is a Beyond Slideblocks V2 that I made with Gudo

The adapters allow to use it on Ultimaker Original, and if the user ever upgrades the thin 6mm shafts & changes the hotend to um2 he can (with some drill and firmware changes) use the whole umo+ bed as um2 does. Ofc to do that the user would need to know how to change the firmware, change endstop places, etc etc. I will do a manual about that as soon I get time.

This slideblocks, vs others on umo, give a few extra mm of print area. Also is made for GT2 Open Belts. I used my 303T belts, did 'cut them' and removed 7 tooths to use it.

I truly don't have much time as right now so I can't do a proper manual, but any experienced used would guess how to use them very fast.

This uses x16 m2.5 nuts & 16 screws M2.5mm of 10mm long for um2 and um3 (indeed they work for um3) and.

For UMO+ it uses x24 m2.5 nuts, x8 M2.5mm 10mm long and x8 M2.5 16mm long. Also it will need x8 m2.5 for the adapters that hold the shaft in place.

Apart of the m2.5 you will need x4 M3 nuts and x4 M3 16mm long screws for the tension part.

I left the STEP file so anyone can change anything if needed. Have fun!

Print slow so you don't need to manually clean it, I for example printed it at 50-60mm/s and had to file a bit for the very small tolerances. No biggie, but I prefer to spend 10mins cleaning than 4 extra hours :D

The Left and Front slideblocks have holes to insert the endstops. The big one is for the Left, the small one for the Front slideblock. You can a) Glue it, b) Fuse with heat a bit the plastics so it never moves or c) Print very slow and use the tight fit.

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