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Parametric Magnetic Separator Rack for 0.2mL tubes

I was introduced to SPRI bead cleanup by Ethan Ford when doing NGS library preps and found it a really easy way to clean up many small volumes of DNA relatively easily and quickly. With the protocol for homebrew beads Ethan had, it was also a very cost effective method to purify PCR fragments and elute them in tiny volumes that were problematic with columns I was using.
Given I had leftover beads from my NGS preps, I set out to print myself a separator rack which seems to be merely a magnet that cost hundreds of dollars.

Due to me being a cheapskate this rack is not designed to fit typical 96well plates or strip-tubes. The spacing between tubes is designed to place them at the interface between the cheap 5mm Neodymium magnets I found on ebay for 10cent each. This seems to concentrate the magnetic flux there or something but makes the beads clump nice and tight in the tubes.

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