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# Moved over from Takerbot's Thingiverse...

The "Z-mover" additionally can move the thing inside

back and forth, which might be

useful for a pen.

Can also be used to move paddles for a rowing boat model ;-)



Software from the YouTube video is availabe from here:

It additionally requires:
- an Arduino or Chipkit-Max32 (or any compatible)
- Processing (PC-control):
- G4P library for Processing:

Notice that the fixture is only provided as an example and
was constructed to hold an 11mm tube.
You'll need to create your own, custom fixtures...


- Print the XYArm part.
- Mount the 2 servos with small metal screws.
- Create your own fixture:
   0° (servo, top)
   90° (servo, right)
   225° (rubber band, lower left)
- Attach the fixture to the servos with sewing cotton.
- Fix sewing cotton with super glue (knot or loop).


- 1 x printed part, XYArm (optional: Z-mover)
- 1 x missing fixture (created by you)
- 2 x 8mm servo (Robbe FS31, Ripmax SD100, Dymond D47)
- 4 x small metal screw (appr. 2x5mm)
- 2 x rubber band
- 2 x 10cm sewing cotton (alt. aramid- or carbon fiber)
- 4 x drop of superglue

- 2 x 5mm screw for mounting
- 1 x 5mm screw for Z-arm

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