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The provided STL files contain a very small, 125mm diameter parabolic mirror.
It can be scaled (up) to any size.
The handle, however,  should not be scaled (unless you you know what you are doing)

Except for the "overview file", all parts inside the STL files are
centered and directly printable.

Electronics can be found here:


- print all parts
- glue parabolic mirror sides together
- Attach the parabolic mirror to the handle, using
   the 6mm screw and two nuts.
- assemble and build in electronics (handle)
- wrap a little bit of cotton, or any comparable (damping)
   material around microphone (and electronics)
- mount the microphone
- fix the fastener (half cylinder) with a rubber band
- Thread the cable through the cable conduit (mike holder),
   the hole in the mirror and the hole in the handle.
- solder cable
- stuff in the electronics and a battery
- the cap might require some sanding


- 1 x printed parts
- 1 x (6 x 75)mm screw or thread
- 3 x 6mm nut
- 2 x washer for 6mm screw (enlarged prints)
- 1 x rubber band
- 1 x glue for the two parts of the parabolic mirror
- a few cable straps
- a little bit of cotton
- electronics

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