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Pea Shooter

A short video can be found here:

- Print out all parts.

- Mount the handle with 3 x (3 x 20)mm screws and 3 nuts.
   The foremost hole remains empty (yet).

- Bead the "clamps" and "brackets" on the (3 x 60)mm screw
   and the foremost hole.
   Install washers on both sides of each "clamp" (see image).

- Add 2 nuts on each side of the screw (counternut)
   or use locking nuts (I used 2 red plastic gears).

- Insert the (3 x 65)mm bolt through the rearmost holes of the "clamps".
   Let 5mm jut out on each side (for rubber band). Fix bolt with glue.

- Use a soldering iron or a side cutter to cut a triangle shaped<br>
   flute into the upper part of the syringes piston (see image).

- Apply some drops of oil to the rubber seal of the syringe.

- Attach the front and rear "brackets" and mount the springs.

- Fix the rubber band that pulls down the "clamps".

- Clip the barrel (bird perch) onto the syringe.


- 1 x 100ml bladder syringe, 40mm diameter, round handle
- 2 x 100mm tension spring or 2 strong rubber bands
- 1 x rubber band
- 1 x plastic bird perch, hollow (8-10mm diameter inside)
- 1 x 3mm bolt, length 65mm
- 1 x 3mm screw or thread rod, 60mm
- 3 x 3mm screw, 20mm
- 7 x 3mm nut
- 4 x 3mm washer
- a few drops of oil for the syringe

- screwdriver
- soldering iron (best set to 250°C) or side cutter

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