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30s Ultimaker Belt Tensioner

Printing in the middle of the night requires a well thought-out strategy and timesaving operations.

The belts on my Ultimaker badly needed some more tension, but I did not had the time to print one of the brilliant designs, available from Thingiverse.

I sneaked into the childrens room and sto..., well, borrowed some Lego parts for the 30 seconds Ultimaker belt tensioner.


- ultrafast installation


- You'll need children, preferably in your house
   (at least regarding the acquisition of required parts).

- You'll have to be VERY quiet!
   If an eye opens - pray.

- You'd better keep your hands off already assembled
   parts your kids built. It's not worth it, really.
   This would ruin a complete weekend...

For the fun of it, I included an STL model, but
it's not recommended to print it.

Gähn ;-)

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