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iPhone Dock

After having my iPhone fall out of my truck's cupholder one too many times, I finally decided to fix the problem once and for all, so here I present you with the ultimate iPhone/automobile cup holder dock.

- Supportless printing.
- Sound guides.
- Easy assembly.
- Sand trap for adding weight (and saving plastic).
- Top or bottom cable exit.

- Print it.
- Fill the sand trap and seal it with a drop of glue.
- For bottom cable exit: Insert a cable from the bottom, rotate it 90 degrees, pull the connector into place, then route the cable around the spool and out the back.
- For top cable exit: Insert a cable from the top (back), route it around the spool, and up from the bottom.  Pull the connector into place, then arrange the cable on the spool and pull it snug.

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