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Re-mix this idea into your own robotic or prosthetic project.

- Fingers open automatically, no return tendons or springs needed.
- "Frictionless" articulation - no rubbing parts.
- Stretchable tendons (FilaFlex) offering adaptive grip on irregular objects (only -one motor required to activate all fingers).
- Fully printable solution, no vitamins required.
- Tough and rugged.
- Realistic form under a surgical glove (see images).

Video here : 

Video review here : 

Thanks to and jesimon for this review.

Here is an article about the Flexy-Hand on (

My 1st printed Flexy-Hand (above) is now on display in the iMakr Store (, London


Print hand body without support. 

Print finger segments either vertically (as modelled) or horizontally with support. 

Print Hinges segments without support.

Assemble according to PDF

If you do not want to print with Flexible Filament for the hinges, you can cast your own out of Silicon sealant with the included mould pieces.

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