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Raspberry Pi 8-channel relay box

Simple relay box, using a Raspberry Pi and an 8-channel optically detached relay. Could be used for 230V or 110V systems. This version is build with 8 Schuko sockets, as these are standard for European mainland.

The frames are screwed into the mounting points of the Tem ABS box, on which the PCB's of the RPi, power adapter and relay are mounted. Most of the cable holders are glued into place using hot glue. The relay cable holder is mounted 'floating', since the 8x 2.5mm2 cables will keep it securely in place.

The system is running on Raspbian with Domoticz and can be used stand-alone or as a remote Domoticz slave within an existing Domoticz environment. For connectivity an usb wifi module was used.

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