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Full color 3d printer parts for Geeetech i3 printer

The CororPod converts a reprap style filament 3d printer to a full color powder printer.

The ColorPod is a device that extents a regular 3D printer with the capability of printing full color 3D models. The unit prints full color 3D objects by dispensing powder and colored liquid droplets. It creates a model in a heap of powder on the build plate. It can be used with most popular 3D printers.

These parts are designed to fix the ColorPod on a Geeetech i3 3d printer. The Geeetech i3 is a low cost (200$) 3d printer kit.

Most parts where printed in PLA with the default cura settings including Brim and touching buildplate-support. layer height I used is 0.25mm. Part P2.stl needs to be very strong. For this part it is advised to double the shell thickness and bottom/top thickness.

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All parts are combined in their build position in the "geeeprts.stp" -file. Parts in this file can be used to adapt in a cad program.

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