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Stegosaurus - sliced

It's printed with Faberdashery PRINCELY PURPLE and MELLOW YELLOW because everyone needs a Purple and yellow dinosaur in their life!faberdashery.co.uk/products-page/print-materials/princely-purple/faberdashery.co.uk/products-page/print-materials/mellow-yellow/
Thanks to Hurtzmyhead for a great low-poly model, it looks really Fab!

This was printed without any support material at 60mm/sec print speed
0.5mm nozzle and 0.3mm layer

Chopped in half and scaled with Netfabb and Sliced with SF41.

He is 1.5 X bigger than the original as a weedy dino is not as much fun. 

When printing the Bottom half the back fins will sag as they are not supported, he looks ok, so give it a try.

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