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Wall mounted screwdriver holder

This is a design for a screwdriver holder, that holds a total of 24 different screwdrivers of different sizes.

I wanted a holder that provides direct access to each tool, and a possibility to see the end of the handle, since that is where the type ans size identification is on my screwdrivers. The layered design also allows clear visibility to the sides of the handles, where the size and type is also often printed.

The holes goes all the way trough the bottom, so that longer drivers will simply stick out a bit, and the handle will sit nice and tight at the same level.

The holder has a large volume, but you don't need to use a lot of infill... I used only 10% and thet seems to work well.

There are two cutouts on the back for mounting it on a wall with two screws, so that it does not rotate when a tool is taken out or put back.

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