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Magnetic Nickel Fidget Spinner

I designed this clever fidget spinner which embeds six nickels for weight. The holes allow you to add magnets on each side adding more and more weight as you experiment. It as has very good build quality, heft and weight. It spins forever.

Instead of using outer bearings I used 30 cents of nickels which fit into holes during printing process. I programmed pause the printer at a point so I could drop the nickels into three holes. Resume the printer to encapsulate them permanently. I only needed one skateboard bearing and hub (included). Add magnets on each side and gang up as many as you like.

Print it yourself at home and you'll be spinning in no time. This one is made of an edible hemp plastic.

Uses (6) nickels or washers, (1) 22mm skateboard bearing, (6) neodymium magnets optional.

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