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Ultimaker 2go+ Cura Machine

If you have upgraded your UM2go to a UM2go+ with the UM2 extrusion upgrade kit
( )
Then copy these files into your cura folders to give all the same nozzle and material profiles as a UM2+

For CURA 2..

1.Copy the .json file into CURA's Definitions folder.

2.Copy the .cfg files into CURA's the Variants folder.

3.Copy the Ultimaker2GoPlusbackplate.PNG file into CURA's images folder.

4.Copy the MATERIL.txt file onto your SD card and Import it in the materials section on your printer menu


To make the Feeder from the kit fit your UM2go you can print this housing

The Profiles used here are made to work with the UM2+ which has a heated bed. I recommend you install a headed bed kit to be able to print with all the materials.

you can by the heated bed kit from the Gr5 Store ( )

I have adjusted a Bed Temps in the Material.txt file to work with the heat bed kit from the Gr5 Store.

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