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UMO / UM2 - Experimental Vibration dampening foots

This is a dampening foot with flexible infill made to work as a spring.

I made this to cut the vibration from one printer to the other since I was getting artifacts on top layers.

I use S3D with 5 process, one for each object. This allows the user to customize the Perimeters of each part. All parts except the top part go with 0 infill.

ALSO. Step file is available for anyone to change or remix this for their printer.


The FFF S3D factory file is the one I use for my printer, it has my start sequence, prime sequence (quite nice btw) But all is optimized for 1.75mm with a GudoZGE direct drive, so PLEASE remember to use the FFF just as A GUIDE ONLY of what I did.

On Cura this can be done too, but since the UI on (current at the moment of posting this 2.6 version) doesn't allow to select objects that are 'inside' other objects, you will have to choose Per Object Settings with all the objects apart and then Merge them, so they have the proper position.

On S3D the middle and top are lowered by 0.1-0.2 because S3D goes bananas sometimes when doing jobs with different heights.

Thanks to IRobertI and Gudo for the input and ideas to make this better.

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