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Ultimaker 3 Filament Guide

Since this was requested quite a few times by our customers, we have decided to develop an easily printable filament guide.

This was designed for the Ultimaker 3 series but will work on an Ultimaker 2+ as well since they share the same feeder on which the guide is to be mounted.

We welcome any suggestions you may have in regards to the improvement of this filament guide.

Version Control

V1.0 - 17/07/2017 - Original File Upload
V1.1 - 18/07/2017 - Fixed incorrect merging of bodies, resulting in a faulty overhang at filament guide ring
V1.2 - 18/07/2017 - Changed the rotation of Feeder2 Filament guide to lay it flat on the buildplate
V1.3 - 26/07/2017 - Added stability fins to the mounting point and space for the bottom wheel to sit.

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