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L-bracket for DSLRs

L-bracket I made for Canon 5D Mark II-IV and 6D, but it should fit other DSLRs as well. Printed this in Carbonfiber PETG 5 layers all around and 50% triangle infill. After printing snap off the support and the lower bars on the arca style dove tail and re-cut the 1/4-20 treads. Ad a 1/4-20 camera screw. You could ad a rubber piece in front of the lower left corner of the camera. Included is a piece I printed in Ninjaflex and glued into that corner for a secure fit of the camera. The bracket seems fairly indestructible and is completely inflexible.

Update: Version 2 is slimmer and fits the 5DM2 more tightly. Realized the material is strong enough for this smaller version.

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