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Qubino z-wave relay and dimmer box

Simple switch box with 230V AC and 0-10V DC output to control a Zehnder Stork KPMe 0-10V central ventilation unit via Domoticz and z-wave.

The ventilation unit is set to variable 0-10V input and always on at level 1 via jumpers 5 and 6 and a 5-wire cable for 230V is run from the roof to the box,

All components are mounted to the frame, before the frame is placed within the switch box. The WAGO cable clamps glued into the frame using hot glue, whilst the Qubino modules are placed 'floating', only fixed on the wires.

The PSU and 230V AC output are both switched with the Qubino relay, with the PSU feeding the Qubino 0-10V dimmer the 12V input power. The Potentio meter is connected to the signal input of the dimmer, allowing for manual control.

Since the KPMe only uses about 47W at full capacity, a Qubino Flush 2 Relay could be used to switch the power to AC and the 12V PSU individually.

Note: please read the manual of the components thoroughly before connecting!

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