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OpenRC 220 FPV Mini Quad

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There will be a while before i get another set of electronics so that i can do a "build with me" series for this one, sorry. So if you are not familiar with FPV, Quads and working with electronics maybe it´s best to wait. There´s also some programming needed of radio and flightcontroller.

If you still can´t wait i highly suggest you check out the resources about FPV below before even thinking about starting this project.

Joshua Bardwell on YouTube:
The Blue Falcon Project on YouTube:
Propwashed website:

OpenRC 220 FPV Mini Quadcopter is the second quadcopter to join the OpenRC product family. It´s a modular, "self-supporting" design meaning that the design is as strongest when put together with all the other parts. This is a 220mm size using 5" props and the idea is to print all parts in a somewhat flexible material to allow for better impact resistance in a way that a material like Nylon for example will allow some "give" and thus better absorb a hard impact from a crash. The parts alone will feel "to flexible" but once they are in place and properly secured with screws it´s rigid enough. Even something like PCTPE may be suitable, haven´t tried it yet.

While testing i have found that a Co-Polyester like colorFabb HT based on Color Amphora HT5300 or Nylon filaments are the best suited for this design. A CF blend like colorFabb XT-CF20 och NylonX by Matterhackers will reduce the weight by approximately 20%.

As always questions are best asked in the community on either Google+ or Facebook

Below is a list of the printed parts needed:

6x - OpenRC_Mini_Quad_22mm_Spacer.stl
1x - OpenRC_Mini_Quad_Electronics_Frame.stl
1x - OpenRC_Mini_Quad_FPV_Ant_Lower.stl
1x - OpenRC_Mini_Quad_FPV_Ant_Upper.stl
1x - OpenRC_Mini_Quad_GoPro_Holder.stl
2x - OpenRC_Mini_Quad_Main_Body_Bottom.stl
2x - OpenRC_Mini_Quad_Main_Body_Top.stl
1x - OpenRC_Mini_Quad_Top_Deck.stl

You also need some screws and nuts for the assembly:
Hardware needed:

20x – M3 nuts
16x – M3 screws for motors (supplied with motors)
12x – M3x12 screws
8x – M3x42 screws

Here is a list of suggested electronics and other things you need to get the Mini Quad airborne:

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