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Tri_Max_Gripper ( Conforming Robotic gripper )

Designed by Chiprobot ( 

This is a Robotic gripper that adjusts its grip to conform to the shape and form of the object picked up. 
UPDATE 2013/12/7 :- 
I was pretty gobsmaked by the interest this gripper has attracted 
and thanks to all for the kind messages. 
The Gripper has now been Featured on :-

Its printed with normal PLA (ie does not have to be flexi pla) 
Video in action :-  details of build can be found on my robot page here :- 
The drive mechanism is a simple standard servo modified with a linear actuator made from a "Glue stick" and linear feedback potentiometer. 
Details on servo conversion can be found here:- 


Simple print parts with normal PLA , the STL files are orientated for printing without support, you may need to slow the printer down whilst the last part of the support beams are being printed. 

Glue the three (red) support beams to the front (blue) body. 
Add wire (paper clip wire) between the eyelets of the three arms. 
I highly recommend you watch the above videos for details of actuator build. 
More build details can be seen here :- 
Fit in the linear Servo mechanism (i used a Pritt-stick as body and a lip gloss tube as the plunger (glue the plunger insert spigot inside the lip gloss tube) and glue the plunger crown (green) to the top of the lipgloss tube). It is done this way so that you can fine tune (sliding the crown up/down) to bring the gripper ends together to give max. grip 
The Servo is a standard HS-311 - when converted to a linear actuator it can push 3kg of force.

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