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Mine Truck

Encouraged by the success of my Mine Trolley Prop for stop motion project, I decided to design some wagons to fit the Mine Trolley. The3D printed model presented here is a chassis that can be fitted with any other sort of top. For this first version, I just a made simple flat-deck using ice-block sticks.

The overall dimensions are 65mm wide x 120mm long x 32mm tall. The track gauge is about 38mm. The wheels have reasonably wide flanges and so can ride on rails up to about 40mm between rail centrelines.

The deck on top was made from iceblock sticks stuck together with PVA glue with a thin cardboard strip around the edge. Easy to make with a hacksaw and sandpaper. The iceblock sticks were painted with a sepia coloured brown acrylic house paint without undercoat. This allowed the paint to penetrate the wood nicely and give an aged stained look. I have not included an STL for this part seeing as it is so simple to construct anyway.

Things you will need in addition to the printed bits;

In the model shown here, the buffer channel sections were cardboard rather than being 3D Printed. This gave a slightly more rugged look. The original digital model and all STLs include these channel sections as you can see in the exploded view below.

There are quite a few pieces in this project. The .pdf in the downloads has some assembly suggestions.

Incidentally, the images shown here with the Mine Truck loaded with stuff feature a couple of barrels. These are scaled up prints of Dutchmogul's dungeon Delving Decor: Medieval Barrels.

Have fun with this.

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