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Ultimaker 2 Top Enclosure

A few months ago a designed and built an enclosure for my Ultimaker 2 to print materials like abs and polycarbonate with better layer adhesion.

The enclosure is made out of 6mm laser cut MDF and held together with M3 Screws and Nuts. The Parts are optimised for a lasercutter with about .2mm "beam thickness".
On the back side of the enclosure, there are two mounting options for 80mm Fans and large openings for the bowden tube and wiring.
To fully enclose the printer, a plexiglas sheet or similar should be placed in front of the two openings in the front.

WARNING the air in the buildspace gets up to about 80°C with this modification, which could cause damage to the motors or printed parts (cable chain for heated bed, etc.) within the buildspace.

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