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Playmobil like DIY wood Castle

The main parts of the castle are cutted in 10mm thick wood (Medium, MDF), check the cuting drawing (PDF)
The towers are in PVC Ø40 (for water evacuation)
The columns are in Ø18 wood stick
All the gold parts are in 3D print, gold PLA.
The flags are playmobil parts, from ebay (just have to drill the roof to mount it)

Wood and PVC are painted in white (wall, column, tower) and pink (floor)
Painted with classic water based paint (floor pink and roof pink, darker) and motorcycle/cars spray can (ducati white, and clear coat), but any paint should be ok.

The designs on the floor were printed on clear sticky picture paper, cut and sticked.
Then I clear coat all the castle.

I cut lots of tiny leaf, cutted in green paper, to glue when I get too much space between two parts, (in case, on the back of the stair) and I arrange it to look like plants that climb on the wall (Ivy). That 's a good camo, and with some pink flowers glue on it, it is a perfect match with a "princess castle" look.

Step files are available for those who want to modify it.

For the bravest of you, it is possible to make a multi floor castle, by using several time the first floor. In that case, send me some picture, I would love to see that!!

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