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Baby Sprout Cap for Water Bottle (POC)

This is a proof of concept. It needs some improvements

Ergonomically modeled sprout for babies, that can be screwed on PET water/soda bottles. The sprout was modeled after a commercially available baby bottle. The source for the screw cap was found on thingyverse (pco28cap_o.stl), but doesn't seem to be there anymore.

Print Notes:
When I printed this myself I had a problem with the path that the slicer (CURA) made, ending at the top/center, and dropping a bit of material into the hole at the last moment. I needed to drill out the hole manually afterwards.
To prevent leakage, walls should be thicker than default, since the infill is not water proof.
Do note that not all PET water/soda bottle have the same cap, although they look alike. I found not all bottles have a water tight seal with this design.

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