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Filament Dry Box

Parts List

Printed Parts

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  1. Print all the necessary parts
  2. Hold a spool up to the side of the inside box where you would like it to be positioned and mark the center on the outside of the box
  3. Measure the distance from the bottom and the distance from the front to your mark and replicate the mark on the other side of the box
  4. Hot Glue the side mounts in place centered on your marks
  5. Drill holes in the side of the box through the bolt holes on the side mounts
  6. Add bolts and nuts to the side mounts to secure them in place
  7. If necessary cut the conduit to length to fit in the side mounts
  8. With a spool in place figure out where you would like the filament breaches to be. You can go over slung or under. Whatever works for you
  9. Mark the end of the tote where you would like the filament breaches to go
  10. Drill a center hole for the filament breach (for the 1.75mm breach it should be a 3/8" hole)
  11. Hot glue the filament breaches in place
  12. Drill holes in the tote through the filament breach bolt holes
  13. Add nuts and bolts to the filament breaches to secure them in place
  14. Optionally use some more hot glue to add a bit more of a seal around the edge of the breach
  15. Insert the Teflon tube into the filament breaches and secure each end to its breach with a zip tie
  16. Assemble the filament spool holders by placing a bearing in each piece
  17. Put filament spools on the rod using the spacers (one on each side. You can optionally secure the spacers in place by slotting a M3 nut in the capture and threading in a M3 bolt as a set screw)
  18. Feed filament through the tube and up into your printer
  19. Add some form of desiccant to the box to keep your filament dry.

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