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Circular Whistle (Some thing between a Bagpipe and a Music Box)

Hi guys,
This is my entry for 1st week of Ultimaker Design Engine Challenge.

The Design Challenge asked for: "Music to my ears" Create an object that makes sound or music, with two parameters: "Permanent"& "Design for Them".

I'm Guessing that the "Sound or Music" part is Pretty Much self explenetory, but here it goes: you blow to the Mouthpeice and rotate the Bottom Handle. By doing that, you rotate the Air flow, each time passing it through a different whistle in turn. While each Whistle can be pre-tuned to play a different note, you creating a pepetuating (or permanent) melody, like a music box.

The Parameter "Permanent" answered by the circular motion and repeted melody.
The Parameter "Design for Them" is answered by my client defenition - Begineers who want to learn how to compose melodies and want to do it live, on the go, while they're learning by doing.

NOTE: i hav'nt tested it, so i can't really know, but my guess is that it's a little too small for printing accuretly and needed to by at least 150% bigger than the STL models. Because it's a "no brainer" with Ultimaker's Cura slicer, i didn't gave it a lot of thought when designing it.

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