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Tilt-Shift Adapter for Canon EF and FD lenses for EOS-M and Micro Four Third Systems

Here is a Tilt-Shift Adapter that can be configured to attach Canon EF or FD lenses to an EOS-M camera. Old FD lenses will allow to select the f-stop. EF lenses will have wide open aperture and the adapter allows for detailed control of depth of field for miniature style photography. Always wanted one of these and also I was curious to explore whether one can print in the required precision and create a functional adapter.

Shift and tilt can be set between plus/minus 10mm and 10 degree, respectively. I use it with the EF 24 mm L 1,4 II or FD 24 2.8.

Integrated a lock for EF lenses that uses a spring from a pen and the adapter will lock also on the EOS-M. Tighten the rotation stop to mount or remove the adapter.

To mount an FD lens first insert the lens with the red marker 45 degree to the right of the marker on the adapter, then turn left until the red marker lines up with marker on the adapter, press the lens down and turn right until the lens locks. This will engage the aperture lever. Even older Breech lock FD lenses will also fit. Those can be set to manual aperture operation directly by pushing the lever counter clock wise before mounting on the adapter.

There is not much space in 26 mm for the mechanics so I printed this in Cabonfiber PETG at 0.1 mm resolution and a 0.4 mm nozzle for strength and precision.

Parts for the EF or FD version are labeled accordingly, the rest are shared parts. Glue the FD 3 parts together.

Tolerances are very tight to ensure a good light seal and the surfaces need to be wet sanded with a sanding sponge and 220-400 grid until everything glides smoothly together.
If you leave enough friction you can remove the screw for the shift adjustment and have a quick adjustable adapter for hand held operation.

Required screws are
1x Hex head M4 40mm
3x Internal hex M3 50mm
2x Internal hex M3 40mm
1x Internal hex M3 30mm
3x Internal hex M3 20mm
1x Internal hex M2 8mm
3x M3 nuts
1x M4 nut
1/2 spring from a pen
I added an adapter for Micro Four Thirds Systems with an flange focal distance of 19.25 mm. Completely untested as I don't have a M4/3 camera. It might work. let me know.

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