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Summershed - Don't let the summer cought you unpreparied

he Challenge Week 2 sent us to create a "link in a chain".
The parameters were: "Summer", "Uniformity" and "Lone star"

The connection between the challenge itslef ("link in a chain, a connector on both sides") with the parameter of summer, brought me a very strong sense of linking things together to create shade (like on the beach, we're there's none). This lad me to think about small peices of fabric that could connect as a big shade with the connector.

"But why do i need to come with small peices and connect them, if i can use a big one instead?" i've asked myself, and myself answered that maybe you didn't had a choice...
So if i don't have a shade i can create one with something like cloths steached together...
but it need to be reversable, and here came the connector.

Theoreticaly, it can attached to peices of cloth and hold up the tention. the teeth holds the clothes on both sides, and when the nob turns 90 degrees it locks the teeth closed.
You can see in the manual sketch a tent that was prosomably built with those connector and some clothes.

so, i do think the "another link on a chain" and "Summer" don't need a lot of explanation.

The other two parameters got a little bit negllected but i tought that my i idea was way too cool to design onther one. Uniformity isn't really the thing here, what's given is quite the oposite.

A word about the dashed parameter "Lone star" - i've googled it several times, also with the oposite parameter "Big apple" and the only reference i could come up with is the state of Texas VS the city of new york. I could not decided if that what was intended by this card, and even if i got it right, i've realized that i'm not familiar with this notion, maybe cause i'm not a U.S. citizen and basically it does'nt say anything to me.
i'm all hope that i will be excused for that :)

I really think i came up with a nice design. hope you'll think that too.
Cheers, Asaf.

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