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Filament-Roll-System for one or more rolls together

This filament-roll-system is very cheap. I use it on my printer-table, which is aN IKEA LACK-table. You need the printed part two times, one on the left, one on the right side. Just fix it to the LACK-table with screws. The "spool" is a cable-tube of 16mm outer diameter, in germany two meters are sold for about 2 or three euros in DIY-shops.
The tubes have a bigger diameter on one side, and this part is on the left side in my case, the right side of the tube has a small hole drilled into and a metal-splint fixes the tube here so it can't slide out of the right holder.
Its no problem to put three or four filament-rolls on it, and its possible to use other spools of same diameter.

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