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Adafruit Feather ESP8266/ESP32 Cases

These cases are compatible with the following Feather boards:

Adafruit Feather HUZZAH with ESP8266 WiFi:

Adafruit HUZZAH32 – ESP32 Feather Board:

Feather ESP8266

Top Cover

Select one of the following (with an .stl extension):

cover-feather-slotted: Case cover with slots cut in the top for wire. The end slots can be used for fishing in wiring that has already been attached/soldered during prototyping.

cover-feather-top-closed: Fully covered/closed top.

cover-feather-slotted-top-hold: If your machine doesn't print the bottom cases' pins quite right, snap off the top portion and use this cover (it presses against the USB port and PCB antenna, so preferably use this as a last option).

Bottom Case

Select one of the following (with an .stl extension):

feather-esp8266-bottom-closed: Case with no cutouts for headers.

feather-esp8266-bottom-slotted: Case with cutouts on the bottom for headers.

feather-esp8266-bottom-header-shrouded: A flipped case for boards that have male headers soldered for breadboarding. Use with any top and female dupont-style headers.

Feather ESP32

The ESP32 shares top covers with the ESP8266, so pick any of the ones above and add a bottom case.

Top Cover

Select a cover from the ESP8266 section above.

Bottom Case

esp32-feather-bottom: This case has the rear pins cut in 'half' so that they fit, since the ESP32 Feather module covers part of the rear holes. Some rework may be needed post-print depending on filament/printer tolerances (or just snap them off and try the top-hold cover).

esp32-feather-bottom-slotted: An ESP32 case with slots for headers going out the bottom.

Si7021 Humidity/Temperature Sensor Breakout Case

The top and bottom of the Si7021 Humidity/Temperature Sensor case are designed around this specific board:

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