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1:24 Scale Powered Bogie Set

I have in mind a project to create a monster based on the Maisto die cast model Ford Mustang. I will mount it on some railway bogies. The Maisto model scale is 1:24. I used this scale and the Standard Rail gauge to set the size of the bogies. At this scale the standard gauge track is 60mm between the inside edges of the rails. I still have a way to go on that particular project but I felt the bogie set alone would be a useful model for others. The overall dimensions of a single bogie are; 85mm wide, 80mm long, and 25mm high.

The details were designed based on a large number of powered bogies for railcars, and diesel locomotives. I wanted to create a bogie set that looked plausible. I was also keen for the arrangement to give the impression of being an electrical drive.

The models here include the Blender model. I created it in Blender 2.58 and so you will find there are no problems with using this model in any of the 2.5+ versions of Blender.

Extra things you will need are;

For the axles I use wooden dowel, but anything will do. The axle lengths are about 78mm long. There are also two small stubs of 10-12mm long. I designed in a hinging arrangement of the arms connecting the sub-frame to the axles. This means some distortion in printing the side panels can be tolerated when assembling. You may prefer to ignore the small dowel stubs and hinge arrangement.

The nut needs to be installed in the top cross spar early in the assembly. I would suggest gluing it into the socket.

No support is required. There are some break-off bits on a couple of the motor components.

The filenames include the number of times you will need to print of each bit.

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