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Battery Cap for Coleman CT-35 Flashlight

The end cap on my flashlight got smashed so I made a new one.

I've included several different versions depending on your preference / available parts.

There are three main styles of end cap and two variants of each style.

The files labeled "Original Bottom" are an aesthetic clone of the original part. The bottom has a recessed section so they wont print without supports.

The "Solid Bottom" variants are exactly as they sound. I filled in the recession for ease of printing / cleanup.

Finally, the "Concentric Bottom" variants were designed after i printed the original with concentric 3D supports in Cura. I liked the look of it so I made a version that has them automatically included. This version will not need supports.

Each of the above versions has two options, Original Innards and Washer Innards.

If you still have the original end cap, you can carefully remove the metal contact from inside it and drop it into the extrusions on the "Original Innards" variants. Then, using a soldering iron or whatever you have available that's hot, melt down the pegs to lock it in place.

If you do not have the original cap, you can substitute a standard washer in its place. The "Washer Innards" variant is designed for a 1/4 inch washer to fit over the center extrusion. Again, melt the plastic over the washer after it's inserted to lock it in place.

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