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SPEEDY - 3D-printable RC-Glider Flying WIng

This little thing has a wingspan about 616mm, and weights complete with RC-electronics and battery for receiver less than 300 gr. The wings are stabilized with a wooden beam of 5mm round-material, or a carbon-round stick or tube of this diameter. It is stared by two servos inside the wings, using a wing-mixer programmed in your transmitter.

Update 1 (10/09/2017) : New canopy with 2 3mm-holes to put a wood beam and use rubber bands to fix the canopy. Have a look at picture how to fix the canopy with rubber bands. You can put these rubber bands into the inside, if you like.

Update 2 (10/10/2017) : Added winglets to get better stability during flight. Use more "normal" slice-parameters for these parts, i used 3 loops and 25% infill.
These winglets snap into the left and right wing, but it is better to glue them.

Next update is in progress, a new fuselage to add a motor and battery for powered plane.

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