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SOON, PVA dry box for UM 3

Coming soon will be all the files to make this box.

I designed this after having issues with a blocked BB core. I have an interim solution but this is a more elegant solution. it also features some runners that will allow the addition of a storage solution for multiple boxes. I will add a frame separately as I haven't decided the best way of doing this. I aim to allow for a rack either to be near the printer and only requires tubes to be changed round whilst keeping spools moisture free or a secure storage area.

the idea is that the filament is encased until it's finished. It should fully seal. The spool rest/holder is fixed to the sides to reduce the width as mush as possible. All panels are screwed into place with self tapping M3x10mm screws. The panels are laser cut 5mm acrylic sheet for robustness and durability.

the base is in two parts so that it can be printed on a Ultimaker machine. They are screwed together using either hex socket or philips style M3x15mm Bolts where there is a recess for the nut to aid in tightening the bolt.

the base will be able to contain gel packets or the contents of them (a separate container will be created)

the acrylic box has it's own base separate from the Silica gel containing base, there is gap for the main base which has a raised edge into the container.

A 6MM PTFE tube will go from the lower front and the length is user defined. A fixed, none plastic coupling should be used to ensure no gaps exist for moisture to enter.

although not tested, I am looking at adding a similar coupling to the feeder casing to complete the seal.

I am also looking at a cap for when the filament is not in use. A rubber cap (off the shelf) would be the best solution.

any constructive suggestions will be welcome

Included will be all the STL's for the base, Spool rest/holder and 4x frame brackets, the patterns for laser cutting the panels in DXF and PDF format

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