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(Modular) Square-Tiled Board

I've been working on a new boardgame idea for a few months now since I got my printer. While the game itself is still being tested and modified, I thought I might share some files I've remixed to make a modular, chess-like board.

The tiles as well as the holders are based off various sources;

Overall I think the board came out better than expected, each of the tiles fit snug in their holders and I can see the potential for some really interesting boards getting made from this.

The board is scaled to be about 6mm tall, each tile measures 29.8mm x 29.8mm so if you want to make your own tiles they will need to be created at this size to fit.

Since the tiles are fairly detailed, I recommend you print them in the upright position. This will cause many more layers, but the Z-axis provides better quality for such fine details.

My larger board (pictured) is a 9x9 board used in the game I am building. I used small magnets to keep the board together which work great! I just drilled some small holes in the side and gorilla glued the magnets in (make sure you get the polarity in the right direction!).

If you use these tiles to make a board, please share your creation! I'd love to see what gets made from these!

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