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3D printable box for the Arduino

Box for Arduino. This box is designed to *protect our arduino when we carry it in the bag along with other items *. The plate is placed inside the box and has a lid with magnetic closure.

The steps to have the support are the following:

Step 1: Print the 3D media

We choose the .STL file from the download section and take it to our printer.

The box you see in the images has been printed with Cura Software following the parameters:

Material: ABS Blue and White
Printer: Prusa i3
Laminator: Made with Cura
Temperature: Extruder (Nozzle 0.4) at 240ºC and Bed at 90ºC
Layer height: 0.2mm
Speed: 40mm / s
Plugin: 4 Pause at height {(0.9/25/25/0/5),(2.1/25/25/0/5),(3.2/25/25/0/5),(4.4/25/25/0/5)}

Step 2: We become a magnet

Once we have it printed, we will need some magnets. I have used one of the neodymium magnets. These are rectangular of 5x5x1 mm. and we will stick them in the front hinges, in the gap that there is for these.

Step 3: Place the Arduino inside the box

Once we have it inside we will have it ready.

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