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Circuit Board Cooler for Early UM3 (doesn't fit recent models)

I was getting errors when printing with Polycarbonate on a fully enclosed UM3 and determined it was a heat issue with the print head circuit board.

This part replaces the back cable clamp on the print head on an Ultimaker 3. It attaches with the original screws. A side part cooling blower is used to force air over the circuit board maintaining the temperature about the board on a fully enclosed UM3 near what it is on a fully open UM3.

This prevents communication errors from the print head to the main controller. These errors usually look like "print core #2 (or 1) is taking to long to heat up". The errors also prevent the print from restarting after the print has been paused.

Some Data:

This program prints 4 identical parts. 2 in ABS, 2 in Polycarbonate.

Printer open (no cover no door)
T=0 32C
T=7:00 (minutes) 51C (end ABS)
T=11:00 57.6C (end Poly C)
T=14:00 59.5C (end ABS)
T=16:00 61.1C (end Poly C)
T=32:00 65.8C (end ABS)
T=49:00 64.8C (end Poly C)

Printer fully enclosed (starting about 3 minutes from previous ... printer fully warmed up)
T=0 53.7C
T=12 76.6C (end Poly C)
T=40 86.0C (end Poly C)
T=42:30 84.9C (end ABS)
T=46:30 85.8C (end Poly C)
T=50:00 85.3C (end Poly C)

Printer fully enclosed using fan setting on printer (had to reset fan speed every 30s or so)
T=10:00 71C
fan on 50%
T=11:00 65.2C
fan off (the fan kept going back to zero)
T=21:00 fan on 75%
T=23:00 73.0C (end Poly C)
T=25:00 74.9C (end Poly C)
fan on 100%
T=31:00 71.4C

Printer fully enclosed, Circuit Board cooling fan on 75% in program from start
T=15:00 64.6C
T=45:00 66.0C

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