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Wiring Clamp System V2

This is currently a work in progress to create a system of clamps that can be used to solder or assemble wiring/wiring harness.

Currently designed are the clamps, which consist of a four parts, the slides allow the clamp to move when the bolt is is screwed in. The base is how the bolt is secured into the slide, the base comes in two variations, one using M4 hardware to secure it to the slide and M6 for the bolt to tighten the clamp. The second version of the base uses 6-32 hardware to secure it to the slide and 1/4 for the bolt to tighten the clamp. The mounting holes to b attached to a work surface or rail are 1-1/2" apart.

There are two types of sliders, the base slider goes in first and is thin, this acts as the bottom of the clamp and comes in three wire sizes. the top slide has an indent for the bolt and is what tightens down on the wires it also comes in three sizes.

Hardware needed metric
M4x8 x2
M4 Nut x2
M6x160 Hex Bolt
M6 Nut

Hardware needed SAE
6-32x3/8" x2
6-32 Nut x2
1/4-20x3" Hex Bolt
1/4-20 Nut

9/25/2016: Added a Flat Slider for use in general clamping applications, does not need a base slider to pair with.

NOTICE: If you have a custom wire or cable size you would like sliders made for please let me know and I will try to get one designed for you as quick as I can. I am still working on this and have yet to really put it to the test so any suggestions are welcome.

11/18/2017: Moved over to Fusion360, all files remodeled and adjusted for more accurate printing. Also added a large wire clamp.

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