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Dog Doorbell

This design was created for week 1 of the Ultimaker design engine challenge with the challenge card "Music to my ears" Create an object that makes sound or music and two parameter cards were; Parameter Card #1 Permanent & Parameter Card #2 Design for Them.

This idea comes from the problem of having a dog bark or scratch at the door to be let inside. The dog owner would have to train their pet to use this device. This device would be placed outside next to the door and when the dog wants inside they use a paw to press or step on the button, which then plays music or sound on a wireless speaker indoors. The sound or music could to set to be anything the user would like or it could be set up to send a notification to a smart phone app. The parameter card #1 is met by it being able to stay in a permanent location outside. Parameter card #2 is met by being made for dogs to use.

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