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Lone Star Chain Links

This 3D model was created for the ultimate design engine challenge for week 2. The challenge card for week 2 was - "Another link in a chain..." Create an object that has a connector on two sides. Produce it again and again, linking each together. The two parameter cards were Parameter card #1 - Summer and Parameter card #2 - Uniformity. This week also featured a Expansion set Parameter card #3 - Lone Star.

This model is a star shaped object with two connectors that are used to connect the ends together into chains. The chain can be as long as you want, just print as many links as you want to. The theme for this 3D model comes from the expansion parameter card - lone star. When I think of lone star, I think of Texas or an old western sheriff. The shape of the object is made to resemble the badge of an old western sheriff. The parameter card #1 - summer is met because the object could be a fun toy for kids to play with in a pool or sandbox during the summer. The design meets the parameter card #2 - uniformity by it being a solid uniform shape with a repeating pattern of connectors.

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