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Ultimaker Design engine Challenge Week 4

The challenge for week 4 was to design a tool that can be used for drawing or sketching. The different parameters it had was that it had to be small, it had to fit the demographic of teenagers and it had to be based off an artist named Jeff Koons. All of these constraints can be seen in our design for this weeks challenge.

Our solution to this was to make a special pen that is used for sketching and drawing specifically for tracing the sketches to make it dark. It incorporates the constraints because it is relatively small like every normal pen. For the teenager constraint what we did is that we added a tv and a small controller on top of it because a lot of teenagers like to watch tv shows and as well a lot of teenagers like to play video games. For the constraint of it having to be based on Jeff Koons was fairly simple because what we did was the chain the material of the pen to be stainless steel just like some of this artwork. Lastly, it meets the design problem because it is a tool that people use for art.

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