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Business Card Case

This is a simple business card case. Use you thumb and push a card out! Cards remain inside the case otherwise. This will hold approximately 15-20 (2" x 3.5") cards, depending on thickness.
• Sand the ramp feature smooth, if needed, before assembly.
• No need to disassemble to load. Load cards through the top slot.
• If you disassemble, use extreme caution. This was not designed to by taken apart. The lid may break.

Design files from Brink Effects are provided for your reference only. By downloading the files, you assume responsibility to verify the design for your use and safety. Brink Effects cannot control how the files are used; thus Brink Effects does not hold any liability for the use of the files. Use at your own risk. Remember to keep small objects away from children and pets. Be cautious of sharp edges.

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