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The Dolphin was printed using Colorfabb Bronzefill. The model needs supports. To avoid a lot of sanding I actually printed the model in two halves and glued it back together. In this way no supports are needed. To create the two halves I loaded to model in Cura, lowered it beneath the build plate by approx half, duplicated the model and rotated it 180 degrees. After printing and glueing, a lot of sanding is needed to bring out the bronze (120, 240, 400 and 600 pt, and then polish).

The base was printed using Colorfabb NGEN clear for the outer walls, and Colorfabb PLA Ultra Marine Blue for the infill. This can be done in Cura by using the infill override setting to the second extruder (i.e. you need a dual extruder setup). I increased the outer wall thickness to 1.8 mm and left the top/bottom to 0.8 mm.
The result is a blueish sea with white foam on top.

Plate temp: 60 dC
Print speed: 60 mm/s
Nozzle temp: 200 for Bronzefill & PLA, 220 for NGEN clear.

The Dolphin and base have been designed using Blender. I'm aware the models still have some minor artefacts. Cura did not have any problems slicing the input though.

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