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Proto-Plastik A5 3D Meta Printers

What is a Meta Printer?

In support of develping the concept of Micromanufacturing, we have designed the A5 line of 3D FDM printers. By creating printers that print other printers, we have the ability to scale up our production capabilities to match growth in our business. With over 80% of the components on the printer being themselves printed, there are a number of advantages.

Open Source

TRUE open source architecture. With each printer purchased, you will have access to all, fully editable digital files for modding, upgrading, or completely changing the design. Files are available via GitHub for source and version control. Development of these printers will be ongoing allowing you to upgrade your printer as new development takes place.

Github repository: https://github.com/Proto-Plastik


Use a single printer to spawn an entire manufacturing workflow. Scale your production as your needs grow. Build mission-specific printers for a variety of uses.


Flexibility to utilize any of your favorite components. Want to upgrade from the RAMPS board? No problem! Always wondered what it would be like to use anti-backlash components? The drivetrain is easily accessible for mods. This printer was designed by 3D Printing Enthusiasts FOR 3D Printing Enthusiasts.

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