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3D Printer Electronics Enclosure - Touch Screen, Mainboard, MOSFET, PSU, Raspberry, Fan.

This is an electronics box/enclosure witch also has a touch screen for octoprint.
Designed for Anet A8 But should be able to suit most printers.
If you make one I would really like to see it.

Electronic Mounting Points for:


Not that much to it really.
Infill and layer height are all up to the person printing.
All parts are laid out the way I printed them, feel free to position how you want.
All parts are able to fit on a 220x220 build plate.
Print out main body parts, glue or plastic weld together or how ever you want to join them.
The Lid and Front Panel parts get screwed on.
To get the outline of the Octoprint logo and edges in a different color print the part with the "First Layer Only" first don't remove from build plate then print the whole piece on top of it.
Same go's with the Anet logo.
Raspberry mounts on the under side of the back lid.

Octoprint with Touch UI set up:

I followed this guide to get all working:

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