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Magnetic Feather Case

Magnetic Feather Case

A case that sticks with you. Designed for Adafruit's Feather series.
Flexible enough to use from development to deployment.


Materials Required

Feather + Screws

Battery (optional)



Print these parts:



After printing all three parts, place the battery in first. The battery wiring can be routed through the front of the case, and looped up the side to the Feather's JST header. If desired, add a small zip tie (for a bit of strain relief) on the front of the case.

For the visually inclined, photos are provided below.

Badge magnet and retainer

The badge magnet goes into the case with the warning symbols facing up.

For magnets with a metal-only plate: Insert the magnet retainer with the 1st printed layer facing upward.

For magnets with a plastic backing: Flip the magnet retainer over so that the last printed layer faces upwards.

Press the retainer through the clips. The retainer should click in and press against the magnet. If there is space between the retainer and magnet, the retainer might need to be flipped over.

Feather PCB

Finally, add the Feather PCB into the case, ensuring the board seats into the case's rear notches fully. Carefully press the board down in front.

Attach a printed spacer to a screw by screwing it on.

Finally, attach the screw to the Feather PCB. The LEDs will be in close proximity to the screw heads, but should not interfere.

Reset Button

Attach the button to the lid. It requires a bit of force, so the best way may be to either shave off a bit of filament on the button with a file, or to press it in by tapping the cover onto the button.

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