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Improved Meduza belt gearbox

The great Meduza belt geared feeder upgrade had a few minor drawbacks that I set out to improve. This version is completely remodelled, so it is not identical nor compatible with Meduzas design.

I use this gearbox with iRoberti's feeder and I have printed some 1000 hours with it.

Compared to the original design this features the following improvements:

*Longer slots for screws to allow for more adjustment as well as using a 16T pulley for a 2.25x transmission rather than the 1.8x of the original.
*The base is 0.5mm thicker so that the inner bearing doesn't damage the back of the printer.
*Permanent cable retention clips.
*Screws on the top plate have been recessed so that the arm of the iRoberti feeder can be fully extended.
*Holes for the nuts have a chamfer so that they can be printed without supports.
*Holes in the top plate for access to the screws are larger.
*Deeper holes for the two nuts in the top plate as they where tricky to keep in place while fitting.

I have also included a step file for anyone who wants to modify the design.

This design requires the following hardware.
*16 or 20T pulley (I use 20T)
*36T pulley
*5mm rod that is about 25mm plus the thickness of the feeder (for iRoberti that would be about 40mm) but can be longer.
*55t 110mm gt2 belt
*2x MF695 or F695 flanged bearings
*2x M3 screw 10-20mm
*4x M3 screw 12mm (10mm or 14mm might work but only just)
*4x M3 screw that is 6,5mm plus the thickness of the feeder (for iRoberti that would be approx. 20mm) and at most 10mm longer than that.
*6x M3 nyloc nuts
*(Optional) 1-2x 5mm washer next to the 36T wheel to prevent movement.

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